Fran Crotty

Fran is pictured fourth from the left wearing sunglasses.

Fran Crotty is the renewable energy and alternative fuels Team Leader for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and leads Drive Electric Minnesota. She is a recent recipient of an American Lung Association Mission Leadership Award and we’re eager to put her efforts in the spotlight.

For more than two years, Fran has been a champion of the Drive Electric Minnesota Coalition; continuously pulling together partners, meetings, funding and events to keep Minnesota in front of the National Movement to transition to cleaner, electric- driven transportation.

Many people talk about change, but Fran is one of the people who make that change happen through her professionalism, passion for her work and strength of determination. She is a true leader in an exciting and emerging field and we’re thankful for the opportunity to learn from her example.

Thank you, Fran, for all you do!

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