Minnesota Stair Climb Surpasses Last Year

(February 23, 2013)

On Saturday, February 23 over 780 Climbers took to the stairs of the Accenture Tower in Minneapolis and climbed over 500,000 steps to raise over $225,000 for the American Lung Association. Three different types of Climbers stepped up to the challenge and climbed the 330 steps to the top – Ultimate Climbers climbed as many times as they could in one hour, Climbers joined their friends, families and co-workers to climb to the top and Firefighters climbed in their full firefighter gear!  

“This was an exciting year for us with the best turnout of participants and the most funds raised since the beginning of the Fight for Air Climb in Minnesota six years ago,” said Maura Studer,  Director of Development for the American Lung Association in Minnesota.  “We had 10 new fire departments climbing with us this year and the friendly rivalry between our top two fundraising fire departments continued again this year with more energy than ever!” 

One of our most passionate teams, the Jensen family has a strong history of lung disease in their family and they climb in honor of those loved ones.  And, most impressive is their son with asthma, who helps lead their climb effort and takes on the stairs himself!!  They have participated for several years and raised over $1,800 this year for the Fight for Air! 

Participants and funds raised exceeded last year’s event, with the following award-winning performances to date:

Top Fundraisers Individual

  1. Anne Mulford - $10,390
  2. Ken Bence (Golden Valley Fire) - $5,550
  3. Karie Cloutier (Cat Patrol) - $5,000
  4. Jack Atkins (Chanhassen Fire) - $2,530
  5. Jill Cloutier (Cat Patrol) - $2,500

Top Fundraising Teams

  1. Cat Patrol – $14,170
  2. Chanhassen Fire Department – $13,546
  3. Golden Valley Fire Department - $13,312
  4. Stewartville Fire Department - $6,570
  5. Team Awesome - $3,955

Ultimate Climbers

  • 10 Climbs in one hour (M) – Jason Larson – 49:52
  • 8 Climbs in one hour (F) – Emma Larson– 52:26

Fire Fighter Teams (35 teams total)

  1. Minneapolis Fire – 23:25
  2. Richfield Fire – 25:39
  3. Chanhassen Fire – 25:54

Fire Fighter Climb & Obstacle Challenge

Tie for 1st Place:

  • Hutchinson Fire
  • Belle Plaine Fire

Female Overall Fastest Climber

  1. Lauren Ward – 4:47

Male Overall Fastest Climber

  1. Jason Larson – 4:53

“This was an amazing event,” said Annie Henriksen, Event Coordinator for the American Lung Association in Minnesota. “We are grateful to all of the participants and families who showed their support as well as the team at Accenture Tower and CBRE that helped us execute such a successful event!” 


The Jensen Family “Hero’s Side Climbers”

We climb...
because no one deserves to die from lung cancer.
for those who can't breathe on their own.
because our children deserve to breathe clean and healthy air.
because Lucas suffers from asthma.
because Loretta (Jen's aunt) t is battling lung cancer.
because Hazel (Lance's mother) battles COPD.
And, because we can.