Smokefree Housing

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Many landlords and property managers are instituting a no-smoking clause to improve the health of their tenants and their bottom line. Whether you manage market-rate or subsidized housing, it is legal for a landlord to adopt a no-smoking policy. Smoke-free apartments reduce costs associated with rehabbing apartments vacated by a tenant who smoked and reduce the risk of fire damage and death in properties.

It is our goal to work together with landlords, tenants, and the community to voluntarily increase the number of smoke-free apartments in Northeastern Minnesota to better meet the high demands of tenants seeking a healthy, smoke-free environment in which to live.

The Landlord's Tool Box is designed to help apartment managers and landlords work through the steps of adopting a no-smoking policy.


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This video is being run by our partners in California demonstrates just how air travels through a building and why people in apartment buildings shouldn't be subject to breathing neighbors secondhand smoke.


take it outside logoMore than 3 out of 4 households in the Northland "Take it Outside" according to The Bridge to Health Survey. Smoke-free homes in the Northland increased from 55.8% in 2000 to 78.2% in 2005. In response to this growing trend and to encourage more smoke-free homes and cars, the American Lung Association launched the "Take it Outside" campaign to educate residents in Carlton, Lake, and St. Louis counties about the harms of second hand smoke.

For more information on smoke-free homes and cars and to take the pledge, click here.