Smoke-Free Housing

  SmokeFree Housing   

Landlords and property managers know renters want a healthy place to live. 77% of renters in NE Minnesota told us they want to live in a Smoke-Free building. Buildings that allow smoking cost so much more – up to $3,000 for property managers to turn over! We can help you transition to a smoke-free property in your rentals to improve the health of tenants and everyone’s bottom line. Whether you manage market-rate or subsidized housing, it is legal to adopt a no-smoking policy – and it is the norm!

It is our goal to work together with landlords, tenants, and the community to give free resources and increase the number of smoke-free apartments in NE Minnesota to meet the high demand from tenants seeking healthy, smoke-free environments in which to live.

The Landlord Tool Box is designed to help apartment managers and landlords work through the steps of adopting a no-smoking policy.

The Tenant Tool Box gives renters more information about the legal policies of smoke-free housing, information on second hand smoke and the opportunity to talk with property managers and landlords.

Other Resources:

  • Free Customized No-Smoking Signage
  • Presentation to Tenants (Including Tenant Surveys)
  • Information on Drafting a No-Smoking Policy
  • Compliance Help
  • Finding Other Resources and Solutions

A rental property with a heavy smoker can cost up to $3,5151 to turn over. We also know that 30% of renters would pay more for a Smoke-Free rental.2 Along with fire damage and health consequences, these facts make moving to a Smoke-Free policy a good choice for managers, landlords and tenants. Please contact us at (218) 726 – 4721 for assistance!

Minnesota Smoke-Free Housing Directory

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2 ALA Tenant Survey Results 2013