young coupleSome apartment managers decide to set a "quit date" where tenants are notified and must sign a no-smoking lease addendum by a chosen date. After this date, the building will become smoke-free.

However, many managers prefer to phase-in the no-smoking clause as leases renew.

Tenants should be notified that there will be a policy change related to smoking in the building upon policy passage and/or during lease renewal. This will give them time to prepare for the change. Some tenants may be interested in trying to quit smoking. We have free cessation materials and resources to help.

Enforcing a no-smoking policy is just like enforcing any other rule in your lease. We suggest that you plan ahead and inform tenants about how you will enforce the policy. The Notice of Infraction and Notice of Smoking Incidentforms can be helpful tools in enforcing your policy.

We can work with you to develop signage both for temporary signage to inform residents the change is coming, and permanent signage once the policy is implemented.