Training & Education

The American Lung Association offers continuing education opportunities for healthcare professionals as well as program-related training for those wishing to become involved as Freedom from Smoking facilitators. Join us in the Fight for Air.

Spirometry Webinars

Spirometry Webinar Series

The American Lung Association in Minnesota is hosting a spirometry webinar series. View archived recordings of these trainings. » More

Medication Therapy Management

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MTM is a nationally recognized term for Medication Therapy Management. It was developed after the Medicare Part D program was developed as a pharmacist-based program where pharmaceutical case management is provided to Medicaid patients taking 4 or more medications per day for chronic illnesses. » More

COPD Educator Course

COPD Educator Course Logo

The American Lung Association in Minnesota's COPD Educator Course provides healthcare professionals with a thorough overview of COPD information. Specific attention will be given to smoking cessation, spirometry, COPD management, medication guidelines, end of life issues, pulmonary rehabilitation, oxygen therapy and reducing readmissions. » More

Asthma 101

Asthma 101 is a presentation offered to community memebers, businesses, schools, day cares, and health care professionals interested in learning about asthma. » More