Minnesota Asthma Coalition

The Minnesota Asthma Coalition is a networking, Information sharing, venue to deliver asthma programs statewide, community building, and “friend-raising.” The mission of the coalition is to actively work to enhance the quality of life for kids and adults with asthma in Minnesota with a vision that people with asthma in Minnesota believe in life without limits is possible.

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Asthma Discussion Group

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Join in the conversation! Hear from local experts followed by a group discussion on a variety of asthma topics. » More

Publications & Articles

Stack of Books

Highlighted Articles: Two peer-reviewed journal articles based on the eight-year Controlling Asthma in American Cities Project. These articles were released in the CDC-led February 2011 edition of the Journal of Urban Health. » More

Asthma Trainings & Interventions


Asthma 101, Asthma Educator Institute, Medication Therapy Management, and Spirometry. » More

Tools & Resources


Quick glance guides, Implementation tools, and Evaluation tools. » More



Asthma AirMail and Asthma in the News » More