Volunteer Spotlight: Lanette Battles

(January 30, 2013)

Lanette Battles is the Respiratory Care, Sleep Center, and Pulmonary Function Test Laboratory Manager at Frederick Memorial Hospital, located in Frederick, Maryland. Over the years, Lanette has volunteered with the American Lung Association in multiple facets. She has served on several Asthma Educator Institute (AEI) planning committees and been a speaker at many of these events. She has also facilitated the Open Airways for Schools (OAS) and Asthma 101 program in Frederick and Carroll County schools.

Lanette’s passion for asthma education is driven by her experiences throughout her career.  Lanette has seen firsthand the difference that asthma education in the schools makes by teaching the American Lung Association’s OAS and Asthma 101 program. “I feel proud any time we go into the schools and see the kids get information that can help them and their friends,” says Lanette.  Lanette goes on to explain that reaching children with or without lung disease will help them learn how to control asthma symptoms.  Lanette also aims to teach children not to develop unhealthy habits, such as smoking, and she works tirelessly to link children and their families with available resources that can improve their quality of life. All in all, “there are a lot of free resources that are out there for people that can help those who are affected by lung disease or smoking,” says Lanette. It is people like Lanette who help put those resources in people’s hands!

As an educator, Lanette views herself as a consultant and many within the health industry see her as a resource for planning and facilitating respiratory health workshops and information sessions.  Lanette most recently served as a Speaker and Planning Committee Member for an AEI held in Baltimore, MD in October, 2012. Lanette’s superb teaching and facilitation skills, along with her extensive knowledge in the field of asthma education, made her one of the premier speakers at the event. Lanette even came in early on the second day of the event to hold an impromptu review session for AEI participants who wanted some additional practice with the case studies.

Lanette is one of the American Lung Association’s valued partners and volunteers- someone who uses her expertise and knowledge to help those who need it most. Thanks to Lanette for all she does to improve the lives of those affected by lung disease!