Q&A with Christmas Seals Donor: Nancy E. Smith

(November 27, 2012)

Christmas Seals Donor: Nancy E. Smith


What sparked your interest in Christmas Seals and the American Lung Association?

When my mother and father sent Christmas cards, starting in the early 50s we used Christmas Seals. I love putting that Christmas Seal on, and I like how it changes every year. Both my mother and father had COPD, so I became interested in supporting the American Lung Association as well.

How has lung disease impacted you?

My mother had only 29% lung capacity, but she loved to travel so we worked it out, and took extra care. I never smoked but everyone in my family did and that’s significant to why they had troubles…smoking can’t help any situation when it comes to lung disease, and it certainly impacted my family.

Other than Christmas Seals, how else are you involved with the Lung Association?

The Methodist church has women circles and we always need programs. There was an opening for the December meeting so I did a program on Emily Bissell. Everyone there had contributed to Christmas Seals at some point in their life, but most didn’t know how it started.

After giving to the Christmas Seals campaign for many years, you decided to include the Lung Association in your estate plans. What prompted that?

Well I guess my age! I knew if I wanted to designate my estate I should do it now while I still had years left. Now I know where my estate is going and so I don’t have to worry about it.

Do you have any advice for other Christmas Seals donors who are now considering supporting the Lung Association in their will or estate plan?

Don’t wait too long! I wanted to make sure my wishes were fulfilled, rather than going to probate I got to work putting designations into my estate plan, and my financial advisor helped make those arrangements.  I knew how supportive my mother had been of the Lung Association, so I wanted to be sure to set up this gift.

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