Dick Anderson

Dick Anderson is a COPD patient that was very instrumental in starting a Better Breathers Club in Wichita in the fall of 2010.  Through his participation in pulmonary rehab at Via-Christi he discovered there was no support club in Wichita offering services to patients with chronic lung disease.  His personal interest compelled him to become the BBC champion.  He procured a small donation from Little Caesar’s Pizzeria to help pay for postage to advertise.  He personally donates his time & gas to hand deliver monthly flyers to the medical supply providers in Wichita.  When the Wichita club needed another meeting location, he secured a commitment from his church to become the meeting site.

In 2012 he joined the Wichita Leadership Council and has continuously advocated for events to publicize American Lung Association’s work on behalf of patients with chronic lung disease. Despite having COPD he is an active volunteer at the annual Climb. Currently he serves on the Wichita Lung Health Committee.

Prior to retirement he was contract negotiator with Beech Aircraft negotiating contracts with foreign military. Dick was diagnosed with COPD in March, 2005 and started pulmonary rehab March, 2007.  He has worked hard to maintain his quality of life despite his disease.

In addition to this volunteer time with the ALA, he volunteers once a week at the Botannica Wichita Gardens.  He was selected as of two people for their Volunteer of the Year for 2013.  The Lung Association is fortunate to have a volunteer who works hard for us but also who understands the mission because he is living it everyday.