Whitfield Family

   Fight for Air Climb  

Hello! We are the Whitfield’s Mark, Mary and our daughters Hilary & Hailey. 

Volunteering is contagious with us. We often volunteer as a family. It gives us a way to spend time together and have some fun along the way.  We love volunteering for American Lung Association, the Fight for Air Climb and the Fight for Air Walk are fun, well organized events.  We have so much fun when we escort the waves of climbers to the start line. It is a good way to interact with the climbers and get them pumped up.  It is rewarding to us when the climbers remember us from the previous years climb and thank us for being there for them. We volunteered for the walk the first time in 2013. It inspires us to see the climbers and walkers who are doing it in honor or memory of someone or when they are walking for themselves.

We stay involved with American Lung Association because as a family we have had family members who had lung cancer, asthma and who are smokers. The quality of the air we breathe is everyone’s responsibility and we feel it is our duty to try and make our air better for us now and for generations to come.