Joan Conrad

Joan Conrad started her own business in 2006 called “Joan of Art.” Joan of Art is all about customer service and quality and that is exactly what she has been doing for the American Lung Association over the past few years. Joan is not just passionate about building working relationships but also personal ones. And volunteering with the ALA has been both business and personal.

In November of last year Joan’s Dad died due to post-operative complications after the removal of cancerous cells, most likely caused by smoking over 30 years ago. This experience brought home to Joan the impact that cancer has on people’s lives. Although her relationship to the ALA began as a working one, the more she learned, the more she became involved in their mission for education, outreach, and research. Joan has a passion for making a difference, and has been donating her time and print materials to the ALA.

Joan states “My work is very personal to me; my name is on it. I am grateful to the clients that have stayed with Joan of Art throughout the years. Building relationships is an important foundation for a successful business!” We are grateful to have such a passionate volunteer in our midst helping further the ALA mission.