Gail Orcutt

Radon Awareness Advocate

In May of 2010, Gail Orcutt was diagnosed with radon-induced lung cancer and had her entire left lung removed.

Her experience led her to become a passionate, driven advocate for radon-induced lung cancer awareness and she serves as an active volunteer and spokesperson for the American Lung Association in Iowa as well as the Iowa Radon Coalition.  

Gail’s goal is to educate the general public, legislators and health care professionals on radon.  She shares her personal story which includes an education piece on what radon is and how high levels can be harmful to your health. She also demonstrates how easy it is to test your home for radon. Gail says:

If I can keep just one person from going through this, I’d feel it was all worth something–not to mention the tremendous spiritual journey I’m on!

Gail’s accomplishments this year have included:

  • Participated in this year’s Fight for Air Walk, and raised over $1,600.
  • Volunteered at the Fight For Air Climb and Fight For Air Walk
  • Invited to serve with Iowa’s First Lady, Chris Branstad, as a spokesperson for radon. The teamed up together for several interviews in January
  • More than 20 community radon presentations
  • Served as one of the judges for the Iowa Radon Poster Contest
  • Active member of the Iowa Radon Coalition
  • Meets regularly with Iowa legislators
  • Guest speaker at the Iowa Cancer Consortium Annual meeting, John Stoddard Cancer Center Lung Cancer Night and Iowa Respiratory Care Board Lung Conference
  • Staffs the radon booth at health fairs, events and conferences
  • Advocacy Volunteer

Gail’s extreme devotion to raising awareness about the harmful effects of radon provides an invaluable service to the American Lung Association. Thank you, Gail, for your relentless efforts.

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