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Des Moines University Physical Therapy students

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Des Moines University Faculty pictured from left to right:   Dr. Traci Bush, Laura Delaney and Julie Ronnebaum


Des Moines University Doctor of Physical Therapy students volunteered for the American Lung Association Active with Asthma program on Friday, August 13th.  Children with asthma attended the day-long program at the Principal Park in Des Moines, Iowa.  More than 50 Des Moines University students interacted with the children throughout the day. Several students lead group educational stations for the participants while others were able to provide one-on-one support and asthma education. Des Moines University students were able to put a face to the disease and children were able to have a positive influence from someone in their community.


We want to thank these dedicated students and faculty for their support and for helping to make Active with Asthma possible.  We enjoyed working with them and look forward to future projects where we can raise awareness and help educate the people of Des Moines.  You can read more about the Active with Asthma program and DMU's involvement below.


Activities included:

  • Children drawing their lungs on a t-shirt they could take home
  • Having a food pyramid relay race and making fruit kabobs
  • Going on a "trigger hunt around the stadium for objects or "triggers" that set their asthma off
  • Playing medication Twister after learning about the differences between their medicines and proper techniques
  • Discussing how asthma effects them and being able to voice that message with others aroun
  • Participating in different physical activity stations while learning not to be ashamed they have asthma

In preparation for the day the Des Moines University instructors held an Asthma 101 education lesson for their students.  There, students learned:

  • The scope of asthma
  • Common asthma symptoms
  • Potential asthma “triggers”
  • How to manage an asthma episode
  • How to respond to an asthma emergency
  • The importance of physical activity and being healthy
  • The components of an Asthma Action Plan

The American Lung Association will continue to partner with Des Moines University in projects and screenings to help expand the knowledge of tomorrow’s health care providers and grow the mission of “Fighting for Air”.


Comments from the Des Moines University students:


“I really enjoyed working with the kids involved and teaching them about being healthy with asthma.  Having asthma, I was also able to learn about the condition and the different things I can do to prevent or decrease my symptoms”  - Libby


“I learned a lot from the experience and the campers were great” - Ryan


“I think it was a fun educational experience not only for them, but for us as well” - Kate


“The opportunity allowed me to see a more personal side to asthma rather than just scientific” - Samantha


“I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the program.  The kids seemed to really enjoy the experience.  Keep up the great work”!  - Nick


“Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about asthma and interact with children with asthma.  It was an educational experience as I have not had much contact with asthma in my educational career” - Nicole


Thank you DMU Students and Faculty!


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