Carissa Thompson RN, BSN, OCN


Carissa Thompson is a Stoddard Care Coordinator at John Stoddard Cancer Center in Des Moines, Iowa.  Carissa has worked closely with the American Lung Association in Iowa for the past few years and of recent, has had significant involvement with the Central Iowa Tobacco-free Partnership (CITP). 

Carissa’s expertise and commitment to coordinating care for lung cancer patients made her an excellent partner for the CITP and the promotion of Lung Cancer Awareness month in November.  Together, with Carissa, the CITP put on a successful Great American Smokeout (GASO) event at John Stoddard Cancer Center.   It was Carissa’s innovative and effective ideas on educating the public on the dangers of tobacco, as well as helping those who need to quit, that made the mini health fair she put on a huge success. 

On November 11th, John Stoddard Cancer Center hosted a GASO event complete with education, quit kits, and sugar cookies marked with a lung cancer ribbon.  In just a few hours, one hundred Quit Kits were handed out to the public, which included gum, toothpicks, Quitline Iowa information, Lung Helpline and other tools to help smokers in their attempt to quit.  Carissa organized the whole event and she helped out the entire day!  Hosting a GASO event the week before the national GASO day on November 18th gave people the information and education in time to make the decision to quit and set a quit date.

Carissa has been a big support system for the ALA and CITP.  In addition to being a huge supporter during November, she also attends quarterly CITP meetings and provides her expertise and input regularly.  We know we can always count on Carissa for information, help or guidance.  She is a great volunteer for the American Lung Association in Iowa and CITP.