Data & Strategic Plans

In May 2010 the Iowa Asthma Coalition created a five-year strategic plan entitled A Plan to Improve the Health of Iowans with Asthma.  This plan can:

  • be used as a tool by a variety of organizations across Iowa to guide asthma-related activities
  • be referenced for legislative and policy decisions related to asthma in Iowa
  • be used as a recruitment tool of new members/organizations to the Iowa Asthma Coalition
  • be used by the Iowa Health Care Reform Prevention and Chronic Care Management Advisory Council as a reference tool for key priorities and strategies for addressing asthma in Iowa
  • be used for reference by organizations applying for funding showing the need, priority, and justification for the activities
  • accompany a competitive, federal application process to show that Iowa has developed a statewide asthma plan and that priorities have been identified should asthma-related funding be granted
  • show the asthma-related accomplishments and need for additional resources, if the Iowa Asthma Plan priorities are reported upon on an annual basis.