Vicki Perry

Vicki Perry, President and CEO of Advantage Health Solutions, is the Chairwoman of the American Lung Association in Indiana’s 2013 Executive Leadership Team.  Perry and the team of volunteers that support her in the 2013 Fight For Air Climb and Walk have made an incredible impact on the lung health of our community.  Through the March Fight For Air Climb and the upcoming Fight For Air Walk, Perry has already lead a very successful campaign and raised $243,000 for our vision to end lung disease.

Vicki Perry has been involved in the health care industry for over 30 years.  With a nursing background, she has a passion for improving the health of our communities with a very “hands on” approach.  Since the inception of Advantage Health Solutions, Perry has implemented a Staff on Loan program which encourages her employees to volunteer 4 hours each month.  Many of her colleagues also serve on additional ALA volunteer committees.

Perry is a dynamic leader and one the American Lung Association is most grateful to have out our side in the continued Fight For Air.