Morgan Schum

While most high school students go on vacation during spring, summer and fall breaks, 17 year old Morgan Schum has volunteered for the ALA in Indiana for over 3 years. 


Morgan says she started volunteering with the Lung Association because “At the time, I was too young to get a real job and I have always had a passion for health sciences, so I thought this would be a great way to learn more about the numerous options that are available in the field. It also gave me the opportunity to learn more about lung disease, which is another area of passion for me.”


She has spent the past several summers (and school breaks) at the Lung Association performing a variety of administrative duties including data entry, filing and assisting with large mailings. She has excellent communication skills, is very dependable, and has handled projects with high accuracy and very little supervision.


She also participated in one of our largest community events, the Lung Walk and even started her own team. Her enthusiasm is contagious and we have thoroughly enjoyed having her in our office. It is highly admirable that a high school student would give so much of her time to volunteer in an office setting while most students are out on summer vacation.


When we asked Morgan what she has gained by volunteering at the ALA, she said “My love for the health sciences grew, as well as my knowledge about the different health concerns pertaining to the lungs. I have gained a great mentor and amazing communication skills.”


Morgan is currently in our office for a 2 week internship which she needs in order to graduate from the Indiana Academy. She will be attending Butler University in Indianapolis in the fall of 2010 to start work on her physician assistant degree, and plans to continue her volunteer work with the ALA during college.


We hope that Morgan’s story will inspire other youth to volunteer for the Lung Association. Volunteering can help youth learn new skills, it can be a stepping stone to future jobs and other opportunities, and it can be a very rewarding experience for the ALA as well as the volunteer.