Lynne Arrowsmith

We are proud to present Lynne Arrowsmith, RRT, AE-C, as our Volunteer in the Spotlight. 

Lynne has many connections with lung disease that motivate her to advocate for healthy lungs. Her father was a smoker until he was 62, as was her brother who died from lung cancer at age 50. Both Lynne and her sister have asthma that was exacerbated by secondhand smoke in her home growing up.

Her experiences with lung disease fueled her career choices for her professional life. Lynne worked as a respiratory therapist for 15 years and later at a pulmonary rehabilitation clinic. Currently Lynne is a Tobacco Cessation Specialist with the Marion County Health Department in Indianapolis. She has volunteered her education expertise by working as a Freedom From Smoking Facilitator and participating in the Healthy Lung Expo Planning Committee. About volunteering Lynne says:

I feel my experience as a respiratory therapist provides insight from both the patients’ and professionals’ view. And, I really enjoy working with the American Lung Association crew at these events.

If this wasn’t enough, Lynne also is a professional photographer. Lynne has served as our event, education, and community outreach photographer at the Fight For Air Walk, Fight For Air Climb, Indy Indians baseball games and the Healthy Lung Expo.

Many thanks, Lynne, for all the work you do!

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