Clarian’s Winded Wonders

Lung Walk Team

We're proud to put Clarian’s Winded Wonders in the spotlight for their commitment to the Fight For Air!


Julie Nelson and Debbie Koehl manage Methodist Hospital’s pulmonary rehabilitation group and started the Winded Wonders in 2009 to support a cause they believed in.  This year was the team's second time participating in the Lung Walk and we were amazed by their efforts. 


Many members on the Winded Wonders team have already had single or double lung transplants, use oxygen daily, and suffer from various forms of lung disease.  Together they train so they can walk the one mile walk route option on the day of the event and cheer each other on to make sure everyone crosses the finish line.  This great group recruits their family members and friends to join the team and to walk in support of their loved ones accomplishments that day. 


On top of all this, the Winded Wonders do an outstanding job of fundraising and, over the past two years, have raised $3,329.00 for the cause!


Thank you Julie, Debbie and the whole Winded Wonders team for your dedication and support!