Visualizing Tobacco

(November 6, 2012)

The American Lung Association in Indiana introduces the new Visualizing Tobacco exhibit, sponsored by the Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Inc. Visualizing Tobacco is a community-based art exhibit where Hoosier artists, both amateur and professional, were invited to create pieces that relate to tobacco. Artists drew inspiration for their pieces from their own experience, pop culture and the effects on tobacco on society.

A partnership with Oranje expanded the scope of the work. As a sponsor of Indy’s premier art and music exposition, we were able to diversify the project from individual works to include a large, community-based painting. This painting served as a reflection of Indiana community and our thoughts on and feelings toward tobacco. During the eight-hour festival, an estimated 2,000 people saw the Visualizing Tobacco exhibit, and over 60 people contributed to the community canvas. A final live exhibit was hosted for two weeks at the Indianapolis Artsgarden, providing the general public with a free opportunity to view the collection.

Visualizing Tobacco has been successful in both diversity and impact. The participating artists found the subject matter more difficult than they expected. People eagerly added their often emotional touch to the community canvas, whether anti- or pro-tobacco. Some pieces perplexed the viewer, some caused laughter and others were viewed with irony. We hope that you will enjoy this online exhibit.

For more information about Visualizing Tobacco, contact Meghan McNulty at 317-819-1181 or