TB Instructor Information

Tuberculosis Education Program in Indiana
Information for TB Instructors



  • Step 1 - Submit Course Schedule Form 30 days prior to your class (regardless if it is public or private)
  • Step 2 - Submit Completed Roster (within 20 days after class has occurred) WITH TB Product Order Form and payment
  • Step 3 - Issue Basic Validation Cards to participants 
  • ALWAYS check the Tuberculosis Education Section on our website at  www.lungin.org to be sure you have the most current form)
  • Renew your Instructor Status Annually with the American Lung Association in Indiana

YOUR ALA ACCOUNT NUMBER - For active Instructors who renewed their TB status for 2011 with the ALA, your account number is listed on the back of your Instructor or Trainer TB Card and begins with 344 or 900- followed by 7 numbers. New instructors will be contacted by the ALA by email  once the trainer has submitted his/her new instructor roster with your information.  If not, you can contact kathleen.such@lungin.org to get your account number.  Please use your ALA account number on all forms and correspondence.

COMMUNICATION - All communication to our Tuberculosis Instructors and Trainers is done through email. Please ensure we have a current email address so we can send updates and other important info to you. We will NOT use your email for marketing purposes.

FORMS: Please visit our website to find the most current forms. We can no longer accept old, illegible or incomplete forms, so please throw them away.  The Course Schedule, Roster and Order forms are dated 2011.

TB WEBSITE: To access the TB forms and other important info, go to www.lungin.org, click on ‘Programs and Materials’ on the left side of the screen, when the Tuberculosis section appears click on the red ‘More’ at the end of the paragraph and that will take you to the TB home page. Forms and Lists are on the Toolbox located on the right side of the screen.

Click here for 12-7-2011 TB Updates.

The ALA TB Education Program Policies document contains the most current information on a wide variety of topics such as supplies, resources, forms, power point presentation and program guidelines. This document can be found on the website under the Forms and Lists section.

  • Tuberculosis Medical Questions: For questions regarding TB medical issues, contact the Indiana State Department of Health at 317-233-7434.
  • Tuberculosis Program Questions: For questions about the TB Program administration including rosters or ordering TB manuals and basic cards, please contact Kathy Such at thleen.such@lungin.org.
  • To purchase TB arms contact Health Edco at www.healthedco.com or call 800-299-3366.
  • To order the TB training DVD, TB rulers or other TB materials,  visit the CDC website at www.cdc.gov/TB
  • Power Point Presentation - Contact the ALA if you have not received your copy of the power point.
  • TB Manual - (Oct 2010)  Can be purchased (from active TB Instructors only) by using the TB Product Order Form
  • Lost basic validation cards: Basic replacement cards are issued from the original instructor (not ALA). The instructor should submit an order form with a copy of the roster and indicate who the replacement card is for. The cost is still $5
  • TB Instructor Annual Renewals for 2011 were due by December 31, 2010. If you did not renew you are not authorized to teach the ALA Tuberculosis Program. Mark your calendar for December 2011 to visit our website about your next annual renewal. Renewal emails (not letters) are sent out in November. You are responsible for sending in your Annual TB Renewal every year and on time, otherwise your TB Instructor status may be forfeited.

(For those who were not able to attend the 2011 Symposium)

The TB Symposium serves as an educational event to provide you with the most up-to-date information and resources for the TB Education Program.  Attendance is not mandatory, but highly recommended. However, for those who were not able to attend the TB Symposium, an educational requirement will need to be fulfilled in order to renew their Instructor status for 2012. The actual documentation will need to be submitted during your 2012 Instructor Renewal in December, so the educational requirement will need to be fulfilled prior to that.  Any new instructor who receives his or her instructor status from October through December 2011 will not need to fulfill this requirement.

Educational Opportunities for TB Instructors who did not attend the TB Symposium
(Must be completed before Dec. 2011 in order to fulfill the educational requirements for 2012 Renewal)

  • Attend the Healthy Lungs Expo - April 29th at the Wyndham in Indianapolis including the TB Breakout session. TB Instructors will be required to sign verification after the presentation. 
  • Attend another TB Instructor Course with one of our Trainers to refresh your TB Education.
  • Serve on a TB Task Force (Quality Assurance, Long Term Care or Program Content).
  • Host a TB Educational event open to the public. Submit agenda prior to event to Meghan McNulty at the ALA for review and verification that this will meet your educational requirement.
  • Nursing CEU.com Tuberculosis Education Course through Wild Iris Medical Education.  Cost $30. http://nursingceu.com/courses/246/index_nceu.html
  • Create or write a public document to show your work in Tuberculosis, such as a letter to the editor or a TB informational flyer distributed to long term or prison facility.
  • Participate in TB research (submit details to Meghan McNulty at ALA for review).
  • Participate in at least 2 community health fairs regarding Tuberculosis public education.

Please contact Meghan McNulty at Meghan.mcnulty@lungin.org  or Kathy Such at Kathleen.such@lungin.org if you have any questions.