The Regis Family

"Free to Breathe" Run/Walk Team

Meet Pat, Michelle & Lisa, members of "Free to Breathe", a Fight For Air Run/Walk team.

After a two-year battle with lung cancer, John Regis (Michelle & Lisa's father, Pat's husband) passed away on July 28th, 2010.  To honor his memory, his wife and two daughters asked the question, “How can we make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else?”  Two weeks after his death, a time when many are overcome with grief, the Regis family unselfishly took action and joined our Fight For Air Run Walk to raise money for lung cancer research.

“My dad had such a GREAT attitude about cancer,” says Michelle.  “He wasn't going to let it get the best of him and his strength for survival came from his family.”

The three women formed the team, “Free to Breathe”, and invited their friends and family to suppor their efforts.  The name "Free to Breathe" holds special meaning for the family as it was the last thing Pat said to her husband before he died.  The Regis' hope to do this the walk every year to help keep John's memory alive.

 We're inspired by this family's dedication to help others and how quickly their friends and family came together to show their support.  To date, Team "Free to Breathe" has raised over $1000 and the donations are still coming in.  Pat, Michelle & Lisa are truly making a difference and we're happy to put their efforts in the spotlight.



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