Team Kriks and the "Secret Team"

Aren and Dane Kriks signed up for the Fight For Air Climb in honor of their father and his battle with lung cancer. Their two-person team raised awareness and funds for the Lung Association but their story doesn’t end there.

Unbeknownst to the Kriks’, a “Secret Team” had formed among their friends and coworkers to show their support for their efforts and to help them raise money to fight lung cancer. A team of 12 rallied behind the brothers and, together, they raised an amazing $5,580 for lung cancer research, education and advocacy including a matching give of $1,000.

Aren and Dane were totally shocked and had no clue that their friends had supported them in this way. Aren says:

A little over a year ago my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. While he still battles the disease today, he is struggling more and more to keep healthy after a bout with pneumonia. During these harder times I decided to reach out to my friends and share what my family was going through, since up to this point I really hadn't. Shortly after I found out about the Climb and these things are right up my alley. After asking my brother to join we ended up raising more than I could've imagined.

We had absolutely no idea that all our friends had raised money in our name or participated in the event. I am still completely blown away by it. I will never forget this day and have to thank everyone involved endlessly. This cause means so much to my family.

Our climbers and volunteers mean so much to us and we love hearing stories like this. Every year we are amazed by the generosity and kindness of our climbers’ supporters.

Thank you, Team Kriks & Secret Team for your efforts. We’re inspired by you all and look forward to seeing you soon!

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