Team Addison Police Take Fundraising Title, Raise Awareness, Funds

CHICAGO (December 20, 2013) –After seven years of climbing the Oakbrook Terrace Tower, Addison Police Officer Michael Wadsworth and Team Addison Polics show no signs of slowing down.

“I have been part of this event since 2007, took over the Addison Police Team in 2010 and have been the captain ever since,” said Officer Wadsworth.


He began climbing simply to raise funds and awareness for the American Lung Association. Soon thereafter, however, a very good friend of his began battling lung cancer and now Officer Wadsworth’s participation is as personal as ever.

“Next year it is my goal to triple the amount of Police Department teams that participate. To accomplish this I will propose a challenge to those departments and visit them in person to present the challenge and discuss the event. It is my belief that the more agencies that participate, the more we will be able to spread the word about this cause and thus, we can raise more money overall,” he said.

Lung cancer is commonly known as a smoker’s disease, however, nonsmokers are becoming one of the biggest demographic to be diagnosed with lung cancer. In fact, 60% of new patients diagnosed have either never smoked or smoked decades ago. A growing problem is that there’s not enough funding for lung cancer research which may be because there’s a stigma that it’s a smoker’s disease. The numbers continue to show that lung cancer deaths in women surpasses breast cancer deaths which points to the need for more funding for lung cancer research.

“Recruiting teammates and fundraising was an easy task for me.  The Village of Addison, as well as the Addison Police Department, make it a priority to improve our community in any way we can.  I simply explained to my family, friends and coworkers what this event is about and they jumped at the chance to help.  Most team members come back each year because of the positive experience they have had with this event,” said Officer Wadsworth.

“I also received great support from Village Employees, Addison Fire Department, School District 88, as well as many local business owners. As a way to increase donations from businesses I created a team T-shirt with our team logo on the front, the American Lung Association logo on the back as well as the logo of any business willing to donate to this event.”

Wadsworth recruited more than two dozen climbers for his team and is inspired by helping a worthy cause, the teamwork and camaraderie that it inspires in the participants.

“I find this event to be very personally satisfying and plan on participating in this event in some way as long as it exists,” he said.