Randy Cooke

Event Participant


WImage of Volunteer Receiving Medale're proud to put Fight For Air Climb participant, Randy Cooke, in the spotlight!


In December of 2008, Randy was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a chronic, progressive form of lung disease characterized by fibrosis of the supporting framework of the lungs.  His lung capacity decreased to 40% and, at 47-years-old, Randy is waiting for a double-lung transplant. 


His courage and determination absolutely wowed us as we watched Randy sign up and complete our Fight For Air Climb.  Not only did he scale 60 flights in under 20 minutes, he did so with a tank of oxygen on his back!


Randy's team "Take A Breath" was filled with enthusiasm and excitement and made the climb more fun for everyone involved.  We thank Randy for being an inspiration to us all and for his dedication to the Fight For Air!



  Volunteer's Stairclimb Team



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