Jagger Moore

Young Lung Cancer Research Advocate

Jagger Moore is an inspiring young lung cancer research advocate and we're proud to put him in the spotlight!

As part of his Taylorville school's "Change Makes a Difference" program, Jagger's fundraising efforts held special meaning. 

A fourth grader at Stonington Elementary, Jagger brought his entire collection of change to school to add to his classroom's efforts to raise money for the Lung Association.  He had saved his change for over 10 months and asked for his donation to go toward lung cancer research. 

Jagger's grandmother had passed away from lung cancer before he ever had the chance to meet her and he hopes his donation will go toward finding a cure.  His story was featured in the Breeze-Courier and you can read it at the links below.

Thank you Jagger for your hard work as a lung cancer advocate and Lung Association fundraiser - we appreciate your efforts!

Jagger's Article Page 1

Jagger's Article Page 2 


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