Elizabeth Paterson

02 Runner and Top Fundraiser

We’re proud to put Elizabeth Paterson in the Spotlight for her participation as an O2 Runner and her dedication to fundraising for the Lung Association.  We tried to explain her story ourselves but it’s better in her own words:

For the last few years I’ve considered running a marathon with the idea that it would be an amazing personal goal to achieve. I now consider it a blessing that when I went to sign up for the Chicago Marathon and found registration to be full. I then realized the only way I would be able to run it would be to run on behalf of a charity. I chose the American Lung Association because I lost my Mom to a lung disease called Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis in October of 2008. The cause of her disease was unknown and it’s important to me to try and make some sort of difference in at least one person’s life in her honor. 

Training for and running a marathon takes a significant amount of dedication, but it is easy compared to what my Mom went through and if I can represent and raise money for such an important organization like the ALA and they in turn can help people of all walks of life fight various lung related diseases and conditions, that’s a no brainer. My experience with the team at the Chicago branch of American Lung Association Chicago has been such a positive one. Not only are they well organized, I truly believe they want the O2 Marathon Runner team to not only succeed in raising donations, but reach their personal marathon goals. I think about my Mom a lot when running and how tough of a lady she was and how she remained positive, strong and hopeful throughout her illness. Breathing is something most of us don’t really think about on a daily basis and probably take for granted.  I know my Mom would be proud and on October 9th, 2011 I will run for her, others with lung diseases and their families.

At the time of this posting, Elizabeth has raised an amazing $2,177 to fight lung disease and we know that number will only grow. Thank you, Elizabeth for your dedicated training as a marathoner and dedicated fundraiser as a Lung Association supporter. We’re thankful to have a volunteer like you!


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