Alpha Kappa Alpha in IL Provides “Timeless Service” to American Lung Association

We are pleased to celebrate the energetic and committed members of the Springfield Alumni Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. as our American Lung Association Volunteers in the Spotlight. Their activities on behalf of the Lung Association include sponsoring their second annual 5K run and donating a portion of the proceeds, serving as volunteers at American Lung Association events and programs, and participating as a team in our Fight for Air Climb.

The Alpha Kappa Alphas’ dynamic contribution to Lung Association is part of their mission of “Global Leadership through Timeless Service,” and specifically their signature program of Asthma Prevention and Management. The group has a long history of volunteering with the American Lung Association, from the national to the local levels.

“We are incredibly grateful for this group of women,” said Michael Mark, Vice-President of the Lung HelpLine. “Their passion for the work of the Lung Association and their ongoing help over the years makes such a positive impact for us and people we serve.”

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