Freedom From Smoking® Clinics

01.13.15 | La Grange, IL

01.25.15 | Geneva, IL

03.03.15 | Warrenville, IL

03.09.15 | Peoria, IL

03.09.15 | Elmhurst, IL

03.16.15 | Bloomington, IL

04.06.15 | Chicago, IL

04.12.15 | Geneva, IL

04.14.15 | La Grange, IL

06.02.15 | Warrenville, IL

Note: This page only includes current Freedom From Smoking® clinics that have been reported to the American Lung Association.  Other clinics or smoking cessation programs not affliated with the American Lung Association may be available in your area.

Facilitators: To have your clinic listed, please submit the required Pre-Class Report Form with your materials order.  Email for more information.