Learn the Statistics

Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. More people die of Lung Cancer than from Breast, Prostate, Colon/Rectum and Pancreatic cancers – COMBINED.  Lung Cancer kills 433 people every day.


Find it early.  Treat it early. Lung Cancer diagnosed and treated in the primary stage has a 52.2% chance of survival, but drops to only 3.7% after it metastasized.  Unfortunately, 56% of cases are not diagnosed until after it has metastasized.  Early detection, through low-dose CT screening, can improve survival rates.


Cancer has one of the lowest cancer survival rates. Individuals diagnosed with Lung Cancer have an average 5-year survival rate of 15.9%, compared to Breast Cancer which has an 89% survival rate.  


Lung Cancer research is underfunded. For every lung cancer death, there is $1,878 in funding from the National Cancer Institute, compared to $15,368 for every breast cancer death.  Without adequate funding, Lung Cancer can never hope to achieve the survival rate of Breast, Prostate or Melanoma cancers.


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