One Thousand Climbers Hit the Hilton Springfield for Healthy Air, Lungs

Fight for Air Climb in Springfield continues to grow

SPRINGFIELD (March 4, 2014)

At only two-years-old, Tucker Brown now sports a medal that many his age don’t have and owns bragging rights for accomplishing a challenge many older than him have yet to tackle. 

Tucker has coronary heart disease and was the youngest participant of the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in Springfield on February 22 at the Hilton Springfield. He had one of the largest teams supporting him, was one of the event’s top fundraisers and climbed the last two flights of stairs on his own. Tucker was joined by another small wonder, Cannon Ross, also two-years-old. Though they met at this year’s Climb, they were also both in cardiac intensive care at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Now they share this memory forever.

Not to be outdone, Ray Green, was the event’s other notable climber at 86-years-young. Having lost his wife recently, he devotes his time now to staying healthy, hence his participation in the Climb for the full 32 floors of the Hilton. 

At this writing, the Lung Association in Illinois reports higher participation and fundraising numbers from last year. The Climb featured almost 1,000 participants (50 ultimate climbers) and very close to $200,000 raised (and counting). 


Pictured above: (Left) Team HCU put on their ‘game faces’ just before climbing the Hilton Springfield on February 22. (Right) Cannon Ross sits to the left of Tucker Brown after their first-ever Climb.