Asthma 101

Chicago Public Schools Select “Asthma 101” For Trainings

On January 25th, 2012, Chicago Public Schools adopted an updated Asthma Management Policy that will impact the lives of thousands of children with asthma in Chicago.

This new policy requires school personnel who work with students to complete an in-service training program on the prevention of asthma symptoms, management of asthma, and emergency response in the school setting.  This training will dramatically reduce the burden of asthma on their students when school teachers, staff, and administrators can potentially prevent asthma episodes from ever occurring by better managing asthma triggers and recognizing the symptoms.  Should a parent need help, training on how to use an asthma action plan will instruct staff on how to effectively handle emergencies on an individual level.

This training is to be completed at least every two years with an initial compliance requirement of June 2013. The American Lung Association in Greater Chicago’s Asthma 101™ program has been identified by Chicago Public Schools as an approved asthma management training program and we are honored to be selected.

Asthma 101™ focuses on school faculty and staff as a critical link in the effort to maintain a network of support for students with asthma. This training provides the critical knowledge and skills needed to effectively work with a child’s chronic disease and proactively prevent or reduce asthma crises in a medically safe way.

For more information on Asthma 101 or training schedules, please contact Felicia Fuller at 312-781-1100 or