Childhood Lung Disease

For a parent, there is nothing harder than watching your child struggle to breathe.  We understand that pain and are here to help.

The American Lung Association works with both parents and children to better manage childhood asthma, as we continue to research a cure. We offer camps for children with asthma, where they can be active and have fun in a medically-supervised environment.  We actively promote influenza vaccinations, especially for those children with compromised respiratory systems. We have programs to empower youth to create a tobacco-free environment for themselves and their peers as well as fight the influence of Big Tobacco in their schools and communities. On behalf of children everywhere, we are fighting for air.

Enhancing Care for Children with Asthma


In October, 2012, The American Lung Association in Illinois and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Clinics of Illinois launched a joint initiative to improve pediatric asthma care in Illinois. » More

Asthma 101


Asthma 101 is a comprehensive educational program that provides basic information regarding the condition and treatment of asthma. » More

Asthma in Schools


How asthma-friendly is your school? Asthma is one of the main reasons that students miss school due to illness – more than 14 million lost school days every year.

» More

Active With Asthma Camps


Active with Asthma is a fun, activity-filled weekend! Trained medical and program staff will teach children about asthma, physical activity, medications, nutrition, how to avoid triggers, asthma action plans and more. » More