Basic Talking Points

In opposition of weakening the Smokefree Illinois Act

  • According to the US Surgeon General and every other legitimate health organization in the world, secondhand smoke is a Class A carcinogen, and causes lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes, emphysema and many other serious diseases and associated death.
  • There is no public support to weaken Smokefree Illinois. An April 2010 statewide poll of registered voters showed 84% support for Smokefree Illinois, including casinos and private clubs.
  • 82% of Illinois adults do not smoke.
  • There is no guaranteed revenue in allowing smoking in Illinois casinos again. Any possible revenue would be exceeded by increases in smoking related health care costs.
  • Smokefree Illinois passed in 2007 with large majorities and after much debate. It was a true grassroots effort with literally thousands of people statewide working to pass the bill.
  • Weakening amendments to Smokefree Illinois are a devastating blow to Illinois workers who would be forced to breathe smoke-filled air within their workplace and to patrons who would also be subjected to secondhand smoke. By rolling back our smoke-free laws the health of all Illinoisans will be put at risk.