Tobacco Control

Since most people who smoke become addicted by 18, tobacco use is considered a children's disease.

The American Lung Association® is working with youth to prevent them starting to smoke or to get help quitting if they do.

The American Lung Association® in Idaho works hard every day to reduce the number of youth in our state who smoke. We work to prevent disease and help people live happy, healthy lives.

Some programs that the American Lung Association® in Idaho offers are:


T.A.T.U. Teens Against Tobacco Use – Students from area high schools use a peer-led model to teach elementary students to avoid tobacco. These informative and interactive presentations focus on the effects of tobacco, peer pressure and tobacco advertising, and the positive aspects of being tobacco free.

Donate to our TATU program here.

N-O-T Not on Tobacco – A state of the art program specifically designed for teenagers who want to stop smoking. N-O-T helps teens stop smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke.

To find out about tobacco control resources in Idaho, please call us at (208) 345-2209 or email

Freedom From Smoking
A service for adults to quit smoking.

The Freedom From Smoking® group clinic includes eight sessions and features a step-by-step plan for quitting smoking.  Each session is designed to help smokers gain control over their behavior. The clinic format encourages participants to work on the process and problems of quitting both individually and as part of a group.

For an online version of our successful program, you can use Freedom From Smoking Online and get started today!