Tobacco Control

Tobacco has a huge impact on Hawai`i’s health and economy. Tobacco is the most preventable cause of premature death and disease. Each year, smoking kills more people than AIDS, murders, suicides, alcohol and drug abuse, car accidents, and fires combined. Annually in Hawaii, approximately 1,200 deaths (16% of resident deaths) are due to tobacco use. One out of three teen smokers results in premature death. Up to 300,000 children suffer from respiratory tract infections because of exposure to secondhand smoke. Tobacco contributes to emphysema, cancer, chronic bronchitis and heart disease. Children of women who smoke during pregnancy are likely to suffer from respiratory distress, sudden infant death syndrome, low birth weight, and lowered I.Q.

Adult Smoking Cessation Programs

Freedom From Smoking® (FFS) Online program: $15/3 months & $40/1 year:

Freedom From Smoking® Materials - Freedom From Smoking® Self Help Booklets, and CDs available for FREE thanks to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Tobacco Trust Fund. Call us! ALAH Smoking Cessation Services at 808.687.5376

Freedom From Smoking® Clinic has eight group sessions led by a facilitator who understands how hard it is for smokers to quit. The FFS program uses a positive behavior change approach that shows the smoker how to become a nonsmoker and even have fun with the group as you quit together. Clinics held at several sites statewide.  For more information, call 808.687.5376

Teens Against Tobacco Use (T.A.T.U.)

T.A.T.U.'s main goal is to help teens remain tobacco free. Teens gain a wide range of experiences and skills.T.A.T.U. concentrates on the following five components designed to prevent tobacco use:

1. Develop skills to teach younger children about tobacco use and to become advocates for a tobacco-free community.
2. Understand and identify the positive aspects of being tobacco free and realize that the majority of teens and adults do NOT smoke.
3. Understand how tobacco advertising and promotions deceive youth.
4. Develop self-confidence.
5. Understand how getting hooked on tobacco destroys freedom and control over personal lives.

T.A.T.U. training workshops are available. Supports Health Content Standard: Core Concepts, Accessing Information, Self-Management, Analyzing influences, Interpersonal Communication, Decision-Making & Goal Setting and Advocacy.

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N-O-T is a cessation program designed for teenagers who are regular smokers and thus likely to be addicted to nicotine. NOT uses a gender-sensitive core curriculum consisting of ten-sessions, plus four follow-up optional booster sessions to reinforce what teens have learned and achieved. The sessions include separate break-out discussion groups for boys and girls since NOT recognizes that boys and girls may have different reasons for starting, quitting, and relapsing. The program uses a Life Skills approach to teach teens how to apply what they are learning in the sessions to other aspects of their lives. They learn how to reduce stress and improve decision-making, communication, and interpersonal skills with family and friends. 
N-O-T Facilitator Training is available for schools and/or community organizations. (Supports Health Content Standards: Core Concepts, Accessing Information, Self-Management, Analyzing Influences, Interpersonal Communication, Decision-Making & Goal Setting and Advocacy)
The N-O-T program is funded in part by the Hawaii Tobacco Prevention and Control Trust Fund

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The N-O-T program is funded in part by the Hawaii Tobacco Prevention and Control Trust Fund.

N-O-T Detailed Fact Sheet
SAMSHA Recognition for N-O-T
N-O-T Facilitator Position Description Fact Sheet
N-O-T Facilitator Registration Form
N-O-T Facilitator Statement of Professional Standards


MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE®, a tobacco awareness assembly that uses student and celebrity role models to advocate their message to promote a tobacco free lifestyle and promote the American Lung Association in Hawaii’s teen quit smoking program called Not On Tobacco (N-O-T). 

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Workplace Smoking Cessation Program

Contact the American Lung Association in Hawaii to set up a presentation or onsite program for your employees.

Lung HelpLine: 1-800-LUNG-USA (586-4872)

Option 2 for Free counseling with a Quit Smoking Specialist or ask questions about Lung Health from our Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists.

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