Asthma 101


Look no further! The American Lung Association of Hawaii would be glad to present our FREE One-hour Asthma 101 in-service program for your school personnel. Asthma 101 is designed to provide basic information about asthma and its management for all school personnel within public and private schools, day care centers, school organizations, etc.

This one-hour presentation will teach your staff:

Early recognition of asthma symptoms
Common asthma triggers
Asthma medications
How to handle an asthma emergency
Why is our program so important?
All too often, most school personnel are unaware of what to do when one of their students is having an asthma episode. Asthma is one of the leading causes of school absenteeism. There are an estimated 9.7%, or 28,600 children in Hawaii who are currently experiencing asthma, with at least 4 children with asthma in every elementary and intermediate classroom in Hawaii.

Effective management of asthma at school can help promote a supportive learning environment for students with asthma, reduce classroom disruption, provide the necessary support in the event of an emergency, and allow asthmatic children to achieve full participation in physical activities.

For more information contact us.  To request a presentation, fill-out a request form and fax it to the office on your island.