Freedom From Smoking

Congratulations! You want to quit smoking.  Seven out of ten smokers do.  They feel they owe it to themselves and those they love.

Have you had a hard time trying to quit - and stay quit - on your own?  Now you can join the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking® group program.  You will get the kind of support and skills you need to quit smoking for good.

To find a Freedom From Smoking® program near you, click on one of the cities listed below or call 1-800-LUNG-USA. 

 Freedom From Smoking® Facilitator Training

Freedom From Smoking is the American Lung Association's research-based eight week smoking cessation clinic, developed from the underlying premise that smoking is a learned behavior. Under your guidance, participants will develop a personalized, step-by-step plan for quitting smoking. The clinic's group interaction also provides support and understanding.

The next scheduled facilitator trianing is December 4, 2014. For more information, click here or call Ateya Harbin Wilson at  (770) 544-0523 for more information.

Can't attend a class? You may want to try the Freedom From Smoking® Online program.  Participate in the same classes at your own pace in the priviacy of your home.  Click here to get started.