Second Century Endowment Fund

How the Legacy Lives On…

The Second Century Endowment is invested and only a small portion of the earnings is used each year to support our mission through education, research and advocacy efforts. The typical rate of earnings released annually is four to five percent of the total endowment.  Additional interest is reinvested back into the endowment, ensuring annual growth of the fund.

Gifts invested in the Second Century Endowment provide a continuous source of support for the organization in perpetuity.  This means your gift to the endowment fund will build a legacy that lasts.

The American Lung Association of the Southeast’s Second Century Endowment is a permanent investment in the organization’s mission to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.  

For more information on the Second Century Endowment, please contact Martha Bogdan at (904) 743-2933.

A $1 million endowment releasing five percent of earnings will produce $50,000 in support of the organization’s mission in its first year.  Earnings in excess of the four to five percent are returned to the Endowment Fund to allow for growth over time.  Based on historical averages, a $1 million endowment in 2009 will grow to more than $1.8 million by 2019 and pay out $500,000 over the 10 year period; reinvested earnings back into the fund are the key to its continued growth.