In honor of inspiring women, those they have touched and the people that love them. 

Not only does “inspire” mean to produce a feeling, but it also means to inhale. The American Lung Association in Florida’s “Inspire Life, Breathe Free®” luncheon is an opportunity for women to do both—take some time to breathe and share stories of hope, courage and camaraderie.  

We know that women's contributions to the world are great—they foster and protect their children, teach them to be good adults and encourage them to follow their dreams.  They instill a sense of charity and philanthropy to those around them and advocate within the community to protect our most vulnerable people and resources—so we can all breathe freely. Women bring life into the world and are often the comforter to those taking their last breathes, so it is important for the American Lung Association in Florida to unite females at an inspirational luncheon focused around breathing and lung health.

An Inspire Life, Breathe Free luncheon has been scheduled in the following locations: