Tobacco Industry Tactics

“It is important to know as much as possible about teenage smoking patterns and attitudes. Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential regular customer." 
 -Myron E. Johnston, Report “Re: Young Smokers––Prevalence, Trends, Implications, and Related  Demographic  Trends,” 31 March 1981, Minnesota Trial Exhibit 10,339, Bates # 1000390803-55.

“The basis of our business is the high school student.”

-Lorillard Tobacco

Tobacco companies are looking for the next generation of “replacement smokers” and profits: YOUTH.

Teens with high exposure to magazine tobacco ads more likely to smoke than those with lower exposures.

Study: teens and adults shown tobacco ads then asked to recall 2 weeks later

  • 27% all adults recalled seeing a tobacco ad.
  • 64% of kids age 12-17 recalled a tobacco ad.

Nearly 90% of adult smokers began smoking at or before the age of 18. As we teach our kids about the dangers of tobacco, there is an entire industry working against us, spending millions of dollars in Colorado to encourage them to start smoking. TALK TO YOUR KIDS TODAY.