Breathing Lung Exhibit

Healthy Lungs, Smokers LungsThe Breathing Lung Exhibit leaves a lasting impression on young minds about the dangers of smoking. The American Lung Association in Colorado makes this exhibit available for:

  • School health fairs
  • Class presentations
  • Anatomy lessons
  • Scout troops
  • Demonstrations on the effects of smoking

The healthy lungs in the exhibit are pink and fully inflatable, while the unhealthy (smoker's) lungs are blackened and have a simulated tumor preventing full inflation.

Included in the exhibit:

  • Inflation rack and tray
  • Hand pump
  • Set of healthy swine lungs
  • Set of simulated smoker's lungs
  • Educational materials and fact sheets
  • User guidelines

A deposit of $25 is required. This deposit will be returned to you upon return of the lung kit, provided that it is returned in good condition with all of its original contents. Call in advance to reserve your exhibit. The lungs can be kept for a maximum of four days unless prior arrangements have been made. The lungs must be picked up and returned during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you anticipate that you will return the lungs late, please call to request a late return.

Contact us at 303-388-4327 or 1-800-LUNG-USA to reserve the breathing lung exhibit.