American Lung Association Shares Five Secrets for Quitting Smoking in 2014

Many people who smoke say they want to quit

Denver (January 7, 2014)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 69% of people who smoke want to quit completely and approximately 50% of smokers try each year to quit. Many who want to quit will make January the month in which they begin the journey to becoming smoke-free. A survey from the American Lung Association found that six out of 10 former smokers were not able to successfully quit on their first try and required multiple attempts to quit smoking for good.

If this is your year to quit, here are five tips to help you along the way:

  1. Learn from past experiences. Most smokers have tried to quit in the past and sometimes people get discouraged thinking about previous attempts. Those experiences were necessary steps on the road to future success. Think about what helped you during those tries and what you’ll do differently in your next quit attempt.
  2. You don’t have to quit alone. Telling friends that you’re trying to quit and enlisting their support will help ease the process. Expert help is available from the American Lung Association and other groups. Friends who also smoke may even join you in trying to quit!
  3. Medication can help, if you know what to do. The seven FDA-approved medications (like nicotine patches or gum) really do help smokers quit.  Most folks don’t use them correctly so be sure to follow the directions!
  4. It’s never too late to quit. While it’s best to quit smoking as early as possible, quitting will enhance the length and quality of your life at any age. You’ll also save money and avoid the hassle of going outside in the cold to smoke.
  5. Every smoker can quit. At the American Lung Association, we firmly believe that every smoker can quit. Each person needs to find the right combination of techniques for them and above all, they need to keep trying.

The American Lung Association and WellPoint Inc. are supporting smokers in their efforts to quit for good through the “Quitter in You” smoking cessation campaign. The campaign aims to empower people trying to quit smoking by acknowledging that past quit attempts are not failures, but are normal and necessary steps along the way to quitting for good.

The Quitter in You campaign includes a web site, a variety of public service announcements, and a wealth of personalized tools and support from the American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking® Lung Helpline (1-800-LUNG-USA),Freedom From Smoking® Online and Freedom From Smoking® in-person clinic. The web site, campaign materials and smoking cessations resources are also available in Spanish.

Quitting isn’t easy but 50 million ex-smokers in the United States can tell you it’s possible. Make 2014 the year you begin a new, smokefree life!

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