Outdoor Air 
Commanche LakeColoradans spend a large amount of time outdoors—biking, walking, hiking, running and getting to and from work, school, and home. With more people moving into our beautiful state, outdoor air pollution is on the rise. Here are some Colorado resources and programs that help turn the trend around:

Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition 
A partnership between the government and local industry designed to expand the use of alternative fuels (housed at the American Lung Association's Colorado office.)

State of the Air Report
This annual report card provides Coloradans with easy-to-understand air pollution summaries by county.

What can I do about air pollution?

  • Use alternative transportation. Carpool, bus, use the light rail, bike, or walk.
  • Maintain your vehicle. A poorly maintained vehicle can pollute as much as 25 times more than a well-maintained one.
  • Refuel your vehicle after 6:00 p.m. Since ozone pollution needs sunlight to form, the gasoline vapors that escape when refueling have less of an opportunity to be transformed into harmful ozone.
  • Stop at the click when filling up your vehicle
  • Avoid gasoline-powered lawn equipment
  • Explore telecommuting and teleworking as an alternative to driving to work
  • Teleconference instead of driving to a meeting