Alternative Vehicles

Using alternative fuels saves you money and helps keep the air clean, not to mention reducing our dependence on foreign oil and strengthening the local economy. With certain alternative fuel vehicles, you may also qualify for a tax credit in Colorado.

The American Lung Association has decals available to fleets and private owners of alternative fuel vehicles. Please contact Tyler Svitak at or 303-847-0271 if you’d like to proudly display a decal on your vehicle to raise awareness of cleaner-burning automobiles and the Clean Cities Coalition.

How Driverless Cars Will Change our Lives 
Autonomous, driver-less vehicles provide great potential for reducing emissions from the transportation sector. The cars are electric, and provide no tailpipe emissions, but they also hold the potential for route-optimization and carpooling – not to mention the ability to play games and not pay attention to the road! Autonomous vehicles could greatly improve local air quality issues and protect our lungs. Check out this book to learn more.

If you're ready to take a closer look at alternative fuels, follow the links below. If you're a fleet buyer, be sure to browse Clean Cities' Fleet Portal.


Ethanol (E85)
Using ethanol reduces our dependence on foreign oil and supports Colorado farmers because it's made from corn. Plus, it burns cleaner than regular gasoline. More than 30 current models of Chrysler/Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Nissan are equipped to burn both E85 and regular gasoline.Find out if your car is one of them!
•  Clean Cities ethanol page
•  Ethanol fueling stations in Colorado

 Honda Civic CNG Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning and least expensive fuels available. The American Lung Association in Colorado's own company vehicle is a Honda Civic CNG, and it usually costs us about $15 to fill the tank. Currently, Colorado has more than 20 natural gas fueling stations. Due to a new Colorado law, you can even purchase a compressor and fill up at home!
•  Clean Cities CNG page
•  CNG fueling stations in Colorado
 Biodiesel Biodiesel
Made from vegetable oils and animal fats, biodiesel provides a clean alternative for school and transit buses, farm equipment and other heavy-duty or fleet vehicles.
•  Clean Cities biodiesel page
•  Biodiesel fueling stations in Colorado
 Electric Car Electric/Hybrid
Electricity produces no tailpipe emissions, and electric/gasoline hybrid vehicles get great fuel economy. When you purchase certain Honda, Toyota, and Ford hybrids,you may also qualify for a tax credit in Colorado.
•  Clean Cities electricity page
 Propane Truck Propane
With performance and range comparable to gasoline, propane is a viable alternative fuel option. Systems are available for the medium-duty GMC chassis. It burns cleaner than gasoline and is very cost effective.
•  Clean Cities Propane page
Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are not yet commercially available. But vehicles fueled with a blend of hydrogen and compressed natural gas are an initial step toward the hydrogen-based transportation of the future.
•  Clean Cities hydrogen/CNG page