Susan Griffin

Susan Griffin is a commercial real estate guru and she puts that expertise to great use as a volunteer for the American Lung Association in California.  Susan was a longtime volunteer for the Greater Bay Area, but when she moved to the Sacramento area in 2008, she immediately became involved in assisting the local office.  Thanks to Susan, a Commericial Real Estate Broker with Colliers International, Sacramento was able to break the record for securing a climb building—less than six months to identify and secure a contract for our third climb site in the state (as well as the tallest building in Sacramento).  Susan was part of the Semi-Geezer Climb Team—making it to the top in the inaugural event—both the top of the building and one of the top fundraisers!

In July 2009, Susan joined the State Board of Directors, where she has been instrumental in the past 12 months in chairing ALAC’s Facilities Task Force. This Task Force has guided us in making the optimal decisions in the sale of two buildings and in the negotiation of sub-leases that have resulted in considerable cost savings for the organization. Not only did Susan recruit and work with the brokers who handled the building sales transactions, she convinced them to donate their sales commissions to the American Lung Association in California and become “State of the Air Champions.”

Our charter is very fortunate to have the considerable expertise of Susan Griffin on our Board. She exemplifies volunteer leadership by recruiting other volunteers, being personally generous with both her checkbook and time and securing support from outside organizations. We have benefitted tremendously in more ways than are cited here from Susan’s unwavering dedication and commitment to service. She will continue to provide service by leading an effort to develop a 5 year strategic plan on facilities planning and positioning.