Montreece Payton

Montreece Payton has been an active volunteer for the American Lung Association in California since her participation in the 2008 Fight For Air Climb in Los Angeles.  Diagnosed with asthma as an infant, Montreece initially became involved with the Climb to prove that her asthma would not stop her from living a full and active life.  She climbs to promote healthy air and healthy lungs, and to support those who are unable to climb because of difficulty breathing. 

Montreece was part of the Leadership Team Committee for the 2010 Fight For Air Climb, where she helped raise more than $17,000 to fund research and education for the prevention and treatment of lung disease. She was also the top team captain and fundraiser, recruiting a team of 40 to climb with her and raised $7,600.   

Aside from her work with the Climbs, she is also a dedicated and hardworking member of the American Lung Association in California State Board of Directors. She is an exceptional volunteer, and is a true supporter of the Fight For Air.  In lieu of wedding gifts, Montreece and her fiancé asked their guests to make a contribution to the American Lung Association in California.

Her fresh ideas and commitment to the cause have proven invaluable to the organization. We are honored to have her as one of our most active volunteers.