Marilyn Sweitzer

Marilyn Sweitzer has been a volunteer for the American Lung Association in California for 14 years, dedicating her time and energy to various asthma programs in the San Bernardino area. Marilyn knows about the dangers of lung disease because aside from being a dedicated school nurse, she painfully watched her grandfather, a lifelong smoker, slowly die from emphysema. His loss has always been a tragedy for her, particularly since his death could have been preventable.

From the time Marilyn was introduced to the Open Airways for Schools (OAS) program as a facilitator, she tirelessly worked with staff to implement OAS as well as Kickin' Asthma classes in her schools. "I truly enjoy teaching asthma management and prevention classes," says Marilyn. "Being able to teach these classes allows me to get to know my students better and impart some wonderful health lessons."

Marilyn also served on the Asthma Friendly Schools Initiative committee for four years, and is an avid participant in events such as the Healthy Air Walk. She was also responsible for getting one of her schools to take part in the FLAG program, a school-based educational program about air quality.

Marilyn is retiring from her position as a school nurse this year, but wants to continue to provide health education for as long as she can. "If we can prevent asthma episodes by educating proper asthma management and prevention, provide lessons in the classroom to avert tobacco use in children, work together to clean our air and lobby legislators for a cleaner and healthier California, then we are doing our jobs as health educators."