Karen O'Cull

Volunteering for the American Lung Association in California comes naturally to respiratory therapist Karen O’Cull. Karen comes from a family afflicted with lung cancer. Unfortunately, both of her parents died from this deadly disease and her grandparents’ death were attributed to smoking-related causes. As a child, she felt trapped by the amount of smoke that surrounded her. “I can relate when I see patients suffering," she says. "I want to educate people so they’ll have a better understanding about treating their lung condition.”

Karen has been dedicating her time and energy to the American Lung Association in California since 2006. She is an avid participant of the Fight For Air Walks in the Inland Counties, raising funds for the event and arranging to have the San Bernardino County Breathmobile (mobile asthma and allergy clinic for children) available on-site so families can schedule medical appointments and learn more about resources that are available to them.  

She strongly advocates for the American Lung Association in California wherever she goes by referring families to the organization for asthma education programs and services. She also is part of the Inland Empire Asthma Coalition, offering professional advice in dealing with asthma in various communities and participating in coalition activities.

Given her family history, it really is no surprise why Karen is one of the most passionate volunteers of the American Lung Association in California. “Volunteering is a big deal to me because it helps me know more and branch out to what’s available for those I serve,” says Karen. “It makes me feel good about our community.”