Dr. Michael Welch

Dr. Michael Welch is a San Diego based pediatric asthma and allergy specialist who has generously given of his time for the past 23 years to help the American Lung Association in California promote healthy air and healthy lungs.  As co-director of the Allergy and Asthma Medical Group and Research Center in San Diego, Dr. Welch is dedicated to improving medical management of children with asthma.  Not only does he conduct extensive research into new treatments for asthma, but he is a dedicated supporter of community asthma activities.

Dr. Welch serves as the Medical Director for SCAMP (Southern California Asthma Management Program) Camp, a program for children with severe asthma.  He leads a volunteer medical committee that provides round-the-clock care and daily asthma education for campers learning to live more active and healthy lives.

In addition to his volunteer role as Medical Director, Dr. Welch has served on the San Diego and Imperial County Leadership Boards for the American Lung Association in California. He also has coordinated and participated in numerous other projects including Asthma Expo Days, Camp Can-Do Expos, Inner City Asthma Initiative, and an asthma awareness campaign. Further, Dr. Welch allocates a significant portion of his time delivering educational presentations about asthma to parents, patients, and healthcare professionals.

Dr. Welch has been, and continues to be, an invaluable asset to the American Lung Association in California and its mission to promote lung health.